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Meet Congo Lotus Care

How Will CLC Accomplish this Mission?

About Congo Lotus Care

Our First Project: The Clinic in Kinshasa

Congo Lotus Care’s very first project consists of a small, but well equipped and expertly staffed clinic that will contribute to saving the lives of women, girls and children.

Vision: Congo Lotus Care strives for a Congo where quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare are a reality for every man, woman and child.

Mission: Congo Lotus Care is a United States non-profit working to improve care for girls, mothers and newborns.

Dr. Mpalata Mukanya is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist with over 30 years of extensive academic and clinical experience in women’s reproductive health - including maternal and child health - in Congo, Cameroon, and Burkina Faso. He has worked in health institutions in the academic, public, and private sectors to establish programs that reduce the risk of premature delivery and maternal mortality. Dr. Mukanya is also a registered Diagnostic Sonographer (ARDMS). He currently resides in Maryland. At the Clinic in Kinshasa, he will lead a team of hand-picked health providers and will be in charge of providing health services. The health services will be free, but a fee will be applied to those who can afford to pay. This fee will sustain the clinic’s administrative, utilities, payroll, medical equipment, and supply costs. Dr. Mukanya is the Vice-president and co-founder of Congo Lotus Care.

Nadine Mukanya is a young woman who has been personally involved in NGO projects in Congo for the last couple of years. Nadine is passionate about women’s health, specifically maternal health because of the needless deaths occurring in Africa. As a Finance and Banking professional, Nadine brings experience in Financial Management. Nadine is also in charge of the administrative, marketing, and fundraising aspects of Congo Lotus Care. She is the co-founder of Congo Lotus Care. To learn more about Congo Lotus Care, please e-mail Nadine at

Status - Congo Lotus Care has applied for 501(c)(3) status. Congo Lotus Care’s board is composed of a pastor from a local Presbyterian church in Maryland, a Congolese lawyer, a Doctor, and a Congolese Administrator, all currently  in the United States.

There are many root causes to the maternal deaths in the DR Congo, but there are also solutions. Congo Lotus Care aims to improve the quality of care provided to women and girls in the DR Congo, and decrease pregnancy related deaths through:

These pictures of a local hospital were taken in 2012. Among typical problems encountered: dirty rooms, old mattresses, leaky roofs, patients having to bring their own supplies, medication, syringes, no equipment for diagnosis, etc. These are just a few of the challenges of giving quality health care in the DR Congo. Help us make a difference.

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