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Congo Lotus Care, Inc. (CLC) I  501(c)(3)  I I  Contact  I

Congo Lotus Care’s first project consists of a small, but well equipped and well staffed clinic that will contribute to saving the lives of women, girls and children in poor communities. The first clinic opened on July 13, 2013! See the video.

The clinic will be located in Kinshasa, the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo. This will allow access for thousands of people in need of care.

First Project: The Clinic in Kinshasa

The organization will start activities in the late summer of 2013. At that point, we hope that enough initial funding will have been raised to modify the building destined for the first clinic, and  receive donated tools, supplies, equipment, and medicine.

Project Timeline

By offering accessible, quality care, thousands of deaths could be prevented each year. The project will primarily benefit :

Due to the great needs in the DR Congo, CLC will also ensure that  some level of basic care is given to children and men.

Beneficiaries & Impact

Medical Supplies/Materials/Equipment Needs

The Clinic’s Services

Congo Lotus Care (CLC) aims to provide quality health care services in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The clinic will be set up in Kinshasa, and extended to the rest of the country depending on the success of the fundraising efforts. The clinic will offer primary care and diagnostic services:

CLC will try to minimize costs by investigating opportunities or used medical equipment, supplies, furniture, and office  supplies. Among primary items needed:

Please contact us, or  visit our get involved page if you can help CLC collect these supplies.

Donate or get involved. Every little bit helps.

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