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The facts

Approximately 536,000 girls and women die from pregnancy-related factors each year. Almost half of these women and girls are in Sub-Saharan Africa. A few key statistics:

The facts in the D.R. Congo (DRC)

Why Women’s Health?

A Few Solutions

How Maternal Deaths Happen

Why Maternal Deaths Happen

  "Every hour of every day in the DRC, four women die from complications of pregnancy and labor, and for every woman who dies, between 20 and 30 have  serious complications, such as obstetric fistula, which is very common in DRC...For every 100,000 live births 1,100 women die”.

A country representative of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA, 2009).

By offering accessible, quality care, thousands of deaths could be prevented each year.  Some solutions include:

Maternal deaths are caused by a wide range of complications in pregnancy, childbirth, or shortly after birth. The four major killers are:

Major indirect medical causes of maternal deaths are:

Some underlying factors contributing to maternal mortality in Congo:

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